Schools for the Future is a non-profit organization based in Sweden. The organization promotes a just and sustainable society through close co-operation with schools. It aims to empower people to influence their own future and the society around them. Schools for the Future supports democracy, human rights and a sustainable management of natural resources.

The organization is politically and religiously independent.

Our vision is to identify local needs and facilitate sustainable, long-term projects in collaboration with schools all over the world. We accomplish this by engaging qualified and committed individuals and by building resource networks, locally and globally.

Schools for the Future was founded by five students in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2008. The founders have educational backgrounds in Development Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science and all share the same vision of how to support peoples’ aspirations for being able to act on their dreams and to create a future of their own choice.

The basic principles of the organization are inclusiveness, sustainability, integrity and transparency.

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