In September 2015, the UN announced a new Global Goals campaign to tackle 17 UN Goals of “critical importance” over 15 years to 2030.

The campaign has support of various social movements including action/2025, made up of a coalition of over 2000 organizations and alongside Global Citizen, a community that will help fight extreme poverty.

Schools for the Future currently align with four of the goals working hard to ensure gender equality, reduce inequalities, peace, tolerance, a quality education and to help our participants aspire to a sustainable and bright future.

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We specifically work with disadvantaged children in areas that may not otherwise have the opportunity to integrate and learn in a controlled, behavioural change environment. 

We aim to improve collaboration within groups, tolerance towards different opinions, greater motivation to challenge one self, improve understanding and self-esteem.


Through the workshops we aim to help children develop their leadership skills in practice through theatre, creative story-telling, art and public speaking within the group.

The aim is to give them the motivation and development of communication skills to promote human rights, democracy and increase tolerance towards each other and promoting peaceful resolution conflict.


We target schools in rural and poorer areas in order to offer under privileged students the opportunity to learn key skills to become leaders and mentors within their peers.


As part of all our programs we continuously integrate equality between sexes as a basic foundation of learning. Through our activities we ensure that this is woven through behaviour, communication and interaction in the workshops. Our facilitators ensure this is instilled along with respect for each other in the classroom.